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Liaohe Oilfield/High Paraffin, Asphaltene & Resins
Liaohe Oilfield
  • Liaohe Oilfield, located in northern part of China, the third largest oil field in china
  • More than 60% of the production is heavy, high viscosity and high pour point (up to 67 deg. C)crude
  • High asphaltene and resin content,Up to 37-42%
An 20-23 Well
  • Before the installation
This well produced at 23 M3 / day, 5.7 M3 / day of crude oil
47% of water, 38% of paraffin and asphaltene, 15% of resins, with pour point temperature of 54 deg. C, one of the typical heavy oil wells. 
Electric heating system was used to heat the crude to 90 deg. C for the crude to flow.
  • After the installation
A CPRS downhole unit was installed on Feb. 05, 2005, no electric heating for the first three months, and three month after, one electric heating every ten days. 
H75 Well
This well was treated with hot oil on a basis of a time per month.
After the CPRS installation, the well have been producing for 425 days without treatment.
H75-4-4 Well
This well is a high asphaltene crude oil well, 24 hr. heating was used to keep the flow. After the CPRS was installed, no more production tubing heating was required, which reduced the extremely expensive heating cost by electricity.
N74-14-14 Well
This well required a hot oil treatment every two months; however, it has been producing for 520 days so far successfully after the CPRS installation.
Q31-49 Well
This well was treated with hot oil, and then a CPRS unit was installed for replacement. 168 days after the installation, the pumping rod was broken, it was noticed there was no paraffin and no any other deposits on the pumping rod and pump when the downhole string was pulled out of the hole. The same CPRS unit was run into the well with downhole string, and has been producing 110 days so far without any problems.