2019-11-23 3:59:38
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Shell Nigeria/Paraffin/Downhole CPRS
Location: IMO River-59T, Nigeria 
Operator: Shell Oil Nigeria
Before the installation:
  • The potential production rate: 4000 BOPD and serious paraffin problems
  • The production rate was less than1000BOPD
  • The well has not produced for more than 2 months at single stretch
  • A number of remedial actions were not successful
  • Traditional chemical treatment required a pump at wellhead and brought up disposal and environmental challenges
After the installation:
  • The production rate increased to 3800BOPD
  • The well produced for 90 days non-stop
  • Over 50% in cost savings in comparison with traditional treatments
  • 15 systems were installed after the success
  • Senior Production Technologist Mr. Chiji Onwuzurike call it “a significant breakthrough in de-waxing operations in our wells”.